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The My Way Plan is a great option for many people who need energy support as they work towards wellness. If you have issues with anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, Emotional trauma, physical injury, addiction/recovery, acute and chronic health crisis or in need of an energy maintenance practice, the My Way Plan is a great option for you!

I use various forms of energy to create balance within. Sometimes healing emotional and/or physical pain takes time. For this reason, I created the My Way Plan. This plan helps you to work on your issues over a 6-month period. You'll receive a monthly 45-minute energy session that includes Reiki and Vibrational Sound Therapy and a 3-card reading to connect with Spirit. As an added bonus, you have the option to exchange one of your monthly sessions for the online Reiki 1 class. This allows you to continue your healing journey long after your plan expires.

To get started, click on the Purchase Now! button below to set up your monthly payment. Once you have completed the purchase, return to the Book Online page to set up your first MY Way appointment. 

  • My Way Plan

    Every month
    6 month plan to renew, relax and rejuvenate!
    Valid for 6 months
    • 6 month plan includes 1hr monthly session.
    • You can trade one of your sessions for Online Reiki Training
    • Plan offers monthly savings by bundling services
    • Miki will give you personal attention and care each month.
    • Each session includes messages from Spirit.
    • Each session includes Energy Therapy of choice.
    • Each session includes crystal, aromatherapy & sound therapy.
    • Easy monthly payments of $85
    • You will be rejuvenated and ready to shine in no TIME!
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