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Learn First Degree Reiki

Covid has changed how Reiki classes are being taught and I had to adapt to this change. I used my experience teaching Reiki over the past 10-years and put together a comprehensive and easy to follow self-paced First-Degree Reiki course. By easy, I mean all you do is click on “play”, and the Reiki learning begins!


I know there are a lot of what I refer to as, “Big-Box”, online Reiki courses that can be bought at rock bottom prices. But cheap isn’t always what’s best for you. In fact, it makes me sad that such little value is given to the art of teaching Reiki. It seems so impersonal and one size does not fit all.

I have put my whole heart and soul into my class, and I consider it a very personal experience that I will share with each one of you. If you need my help with Reiki, I am your Reiki Master and I will do my best to assist you along your journey.

You deserve more for your Reiki dollar than what the “Big Box” courses can give you. If you are looking for a personal approach for your Reiki education, I can give that to you.

"If you are ready to make a positive change in your life, please enroll in my self-paced Reiki course.
I’m here to answer your Reiki questions if you need me."

I designed my e-learning program to feel like you were spending a Saturday morning sitting in my classroom learning Reiki.  Now you can stay in your cozy clothes, grab your favorite morning beverage and a bite of something good and settle in. You and I are going to spend a few hours together as I share my knowledge and love of Reiki with you.

Working From Home

Reiki is not hard to learn and all you need to do is follow the course material that is presented. I have put together comprehensive slides that will guide you through the curriculum along with test questions that can be completed as you go. The course is self-paced. Take the time you need for learning Reiki. You can download the course material to always have on hand.


The initiation into Reiki involves an Attunement for the Reiki energy. The Attunement process is what sets Reiki apart from all other forms of energy healing. Without the Attunement, it is not Reiki, but something else. I will be using the Reiki Distant energy symbol. This allows the flow of Reiki to cut through space and time to be in the present, the now. This action allows the attunement process to be administered remotely. Rest assured, the distant attunement is effective and Reiki will flow through you. You have the option to attune to the Reiki energy using the Attunement presentation provided in your class material or schedule a Zoom or in-person Attunement session with Miki.


Reiki can give comfort to your pet with it's gentle healing energy. Our fur babies can't tell us what hurts. By learning Reiki, you can help them by simply placing your hands on them and allow your Reiki to flow. It's that easy. Reiki can help with joint pain, separation anxiety, fear of storms, behavioral issues and  so many other  applications.



Today is a good day to enroll in this self-paces Reiki course. 

Miki will be there to answer your Reiki questions if you need her.

The following topics will be discussed in your Reiki training:

  • Learn how to use Reiki to heal yourself, others, animals, and the environment.

  • Understand Reiki's origins and history.

  • Study the Five Elements of Reiki that Usui taught.

  • Align yourself with the 5 Reiki principles for enrichment.

  • Explore and understand the Chakras for balance.

  • Understand the healing benefits Reiki has on all areas of your life.

  • Obtain the skills of a confident Level 1 Reiki Practitioner with a step-by step “How To” video.

  • Receive Level I distance attunement or in-person attunement from Miki.

  • Receive a Usui Reiki Level 1 Certificate with proof of course completion.

  • You will be able to administer Reiki to those around you, including animals as soon as you complete the course and attunement.

  • See yourself as the divine healer that you truly are.

The fee to learn Reiki in my classroom is $175 

For my eLearning course, I have cut the cost by $100!

You pay only $75

for the same class with the same information!

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