You and a group of your closest friends can spend time together connecting with your angels, teacher's, guides and passed on loved ones. Receive guidance from your angels, spirit guides or totems in a group setting. Contact Miki by email or call to set up your group reading today!

Each group session should have a minimum of 5 people. It works best if there are no more than 10 people per session. The charge is $30 per person. Group sessions can be held at Zen Wellness, 17 2nd St. NE, Faribault, MN or I will drive within a 25 mile radius of Faribault (national mileage rates apply outside of city limits). Group readings are scheduled Monday-Friday, no weekends.

I am very strict about absolutely no alcoholic beverages consumed prior to or during the psychic readings.  This is a safety issue.  I cannot guarantee that lower entities will not come in when alcohol is involved.  It weakens the field allowing protections to not hold up. Expect group readings to last between 2-3 hours.

I am available to speak on a variety of Spiritual topics for your group or organization's upcoming meeting or event.

Smudging your living areas and office spaces is just as important as the doing your spring and fall cleaning. Smudging energetically cleans your space allowing the old stagnant air out so that new energy can fill the space. Zensational has smudging items for purchase to do it on your own, or, you can contact Miki to smudge your space for you. $30 fee within 15 miles of Faribault, (national mileage rates apply outside city limits).

Do you feel that things be more serious for you? Are things going bump in the night or do you have a room that no one wants to go in? You may have some old stagnant energy hanging around or perhaps a spirit that may need to go elsewhere. Miki offers Space Clearing Services at $30 fee for 1st hour, $60 for anything over 1-hour within 15 miles of Faribault, (national mileage rates apply outside city limits).