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Chakra Zones

Simple, Easy and Fun tools for creating balance

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Zensational and Gina B Consulting

Miki and Gina like to call themselves the Happy Holistic Beings when they collaborate on a project. They have come together this time to share their expertise on chakras and holistic wellness practices and created the Chakra Zone Training video that shows you simple, easy and fun tools that will help you balance your chakras.


The chakras are wheel-liked balls of energy that reside in your aura. They are often referred to as, "the organs of your aura". Each chakra is "responsible" for energy to flow freely up and down the energy body. This training focuses on the 7 major chakras with each Zone comprising of 3 chakras each.

  • Zone 1- Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus

  • Zone 2- Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat

  • Zone 3- Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown

Balanced chakras are important because in order for the body to function at it's best, the chakras need to be open, allowing the free flow of energy to move in and around the body. If one of the energy centers is not flowing properly, that can cause other chakras to become unbalanced. This gives way to areas of stagnated energy, aka, blockages. Learning how to maintain a healthier and balanced energy body, can create changes within you that may create a profound impact on your over-all wellbeing.

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The corner stone of Zensational was the Chakra Balancing Kit that was born in 2010. Since then, Miki has helped countless people balance their chakras. It was during this time that she realized her clients had areas of imbalance, rather than just one chakra out of balance. In order to better help her clients, Miki reconfigured the Chakra Balancing Kit and divided it into Zones. Working with these Chakra Zones makes it easier to generate overall health, wellness and that good feeling we all desire.

With over 35 years' experience in wellness counseling, Gina B Consulting has been listening and working with people across the country helping them to feel good and create balance. Gina helps people create the perfect recipe for a happy, healthy life by making small changes and strategies that are simple, easy and fun to do! 

Find Your Zone

Look closely at the following Chakra Zone identifiers. Start working with the Chakra Zone that you identify the most with. If you are undecided, pick one. You will find that you will naturally flow between all 3 zones. The information you learn in the training video can be applied to all the chakras.

zone 1

Zone 1.png

Zone 1 helps us to get down into our feet

Are you often late for appointments, gatherings or paying your bills?

Do you have several projects started, but none of them are finished?

Do you like things to be perfect?

Do you forget why you walked into a room?

Are you over- protective or hoover around your friends or loved ones?

Do you need help with organizing your life or things?

Is it hard for you to accept change or quickly shift direction?

zone 2

zone 2.png

Zone 2 helps us to get connected with our needs

Do you say, "sorry" frequently?

Do you feel joy in your life?

Do you have issues with trusting people?

Do you find it difficult to say no?

Can you express your feelings without getting emotional?

Do you easily cry or get emotional?

Can you express yourself freely?

zone 3

zone 3.png

Zone 3 helps us to get out of our head

Do your thoughts get the best of you because of over thinking?

Do you worry a lot or have frequent bouts of anxiety?

Do you often have emotional highs and lows?

Can you stay focused long enough to complete a conversation or task?

Can you freely express yourself in words or deeds?

Do you feel peace in your life?

Do you suffer from frequent headaches or migraines?

Are You Ready to Create Balance?

Now that you have identified your Chakra Zone,
it's time to make the changes you need to feel better.

Learning about your Chakra Zone is simple. Gina and Miki have put together  comprehensive training videos that will help you gather the tools that are right for you. They offer easy changes that can enhance your daily self-care routine. Maintain balance with fun and creative tools to put into your "Chakra Tool Box" with Gina's "How To" tips and tricks.

Are you ready to begin your journey to feeling better?

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